Friday, 31 May 2013


The issue with the help file has been resolved. Despite the previous mention of attempts to open the help file or at least move the information with the jar file, the owness  will be left to that of the user ensuring that the ENTIRE folder (with all external docs, files, resources) is moved for the program to function. In order to properly convey the message to the user a file has been attached to inform the user about the specifics method of moving the files in order for the application/program to run properly.

On another note, the surfaces have been implemented however still require touch ups so that the tiled blocks for ice and concrete are aligned. Since the project deadline has been postponed to Friday June 7, 2013 we still have extra time to optimize the program.

In order to successfully use the time given we will enter a final debug test during the course of next week. Hopefully we can locate and correct bugs. We hope to make the program run smoothly on several different systems with little to know problems by making it less resource intensive and iron out the kinks in our application.

Thank You for your time.
 ~ Code Busters Team.

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