Thursday, 23 May 2013

CRUNCH time.

Many things have been accomplished since our last blog post with the progression of this project. The list includes the implementation of our splash screen, adusting the graphs, adding the tool tips, the help files, and ultimately just tweaking and adjusting the program to meet our needs. Also the file is noted to work on home computers with the latest updated version of java, whereas the school computers don't even allow the program to open (school computers do not but the school's is still on the version of java from last year). All in all, the program is working fine and we wish to talk to our client in terms of useage of the application primarily for home use rather than within the school due to lack of knowledge as to why the file refuses to execute on the school's systems.

We are nearing the completion of our project, as well as, the end of the year. So what's left? Just updating the sufaces to look like ice, and concrete when the coefficient of friction is between a certain range. And yeah. yeah. yeah. CRUNCH!

Essentially that's all. Thank Yous!

~ Code Busters Team

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