Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Make it, or BREAK IT!

Progress is moving along swimmingly we are continuously trying to integrate the code that acts for the simulation with the simulation code that graphs both the vector and acceleration graphs. Currently we are having a bit of trouble with finding the accleration of the sumbot however we are trying to use the same process to calculate the velocity and apply it to the accleration calculations and graph.

With this progress we will continue into the beta stages. We will be intensively testing for bugs, glitches, optimization options to make our program function as properly and efficiently as possible. Test subjects will be selected from our target audience of grade 12 students involved in the sumbot project will be asked at random to attempt to break the program (pssht not the computer its running on).

Executeable file of our program does not run on school computers.
- we need to get this work.

~ Code Busters Team
CHYEAAH! English is a muffin.

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