Monday, 3 June 2013

O_O.. Hold the Commentary!

Our client, as of today has been updated with an acceptable version of the sumobots client. In preparation for our presentation much of the code in our program lacks programmers comments. We will continue to add more information in the comments for interested onlookers to fully understand the code.

As for the issue of running the program on the school computers, we will no longer continue to make it accessible within the school as too much information regarding the school's network and why the application refuses to run on these computers is not available at this time. The application however is fully functional for home use and will be available to students via Mr. Song's Dropbox.

Another important topic that came up in today's group meeting was the idea that much of the lwjgl library and the other libraries used by our program are incorporated into the entire file itself when much of the functions are not being used and simply take up much more space. The file size can be reduced by removing the unnecessary components of these libraries just to improve efficency, the size of the download and download time.
Through expermentation and testing we have discovered that on standard computers the program tends to recieve a lag delay as the program itself runs by constantly updating. This real time element is noted to be extremely resource intensive and we feel the need to address the issue if there is still time available. The solution is simply to integrate event handling into our code and is assumed to require a bit of time to fully update the entirety of the project. Despite the issues with few seconds of delay it the program still runs and has entered a promising final stage. Updates in terms of the lag/delay fixes may or may not be implemented with the release of Sumo Bot Simulator Version but will be integrated in future releases if the group continues to procede with updating the project.

Thank You!
~ Code Busters Team!

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