Sunday, 9 June 2013

Overview of Sumobot Simulator 2013 v1.0!


Sumobot Simulator 2013

Main Screen of Sumobot Simulator 2013.

Once Sumobot Simulator 2013 is launched, the user is presented with the Main Screen, which allows for the user to select various options in designing their robot:
-The Menu Bar allows for the user to start a new sumobot design, open or save an existing sumobot configuration, as well as switch to the Mechanical, Electrical and Simulation windows. You can also do this through the Tab Panel, as seen in the image above.
-The Info Panel displays the current properties of the sumobot (such as its mass and the voltage of the motor), as set in the other Tabs.
-The Main Panel is the workspace where the user will be entering most of the values and specifications for their robot.

Mechanical Tab

The Mechanical Tab is where users can set some of the main physical properties of their robot, such as its mass, the diameter of its wheels and the coefficent of friction of the surface which the sumobot will be driven across. The corresponding changes will be visible in the Simulation Tab.

Electrical Tab

In the Electrical Tab, the user can set many of the internal specifications of the robot, such as the motor voltage, current, speed and diameter of the drive shaft. Furthermore, a power supply (voltage, current) can be selected, as well as the wire length, resistivity and area outlined.
The user can additionally switch between a series or parallel circuit configuration for the motors using the Circuit button found in the top-right corner of the screen.

Simulation Tab

The Simulation Tab is where the real fun begins! Here, the user can have their completed sumobot run across a virtual surface (which can be changed using the coefficent of friction), with the Distance, Velocity and Accleration graphs of the robot  displayed in real-time as the robot moves.
Once the user is satisfied with the properties of their sumobot, they can simply click the Simulation button to get their robot going!

Good luck in the ring!
 -The Codebusters Team

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